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At Kids Avenue Early Learning Centre, we believe that the first five years of a child’s life are a time of amazing learning and growth. The role of our centre is to work alongside families – taking the time to learn what makes your child special, understanding your child’s cultural background and listening to what you want from the early education and care experience.
We hope to know you and your family, and to build supportive and positive relationships. We hope that your time at Kids Avenue is a treasured memory in your child’s formative years.

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about playgroup pool pump daycare costs costs for daycare kids childcare daycare

Kids Avenue Early Learning Centre believe that children are valuable members of society. We respect and acknowledge each child as an individual learner and value their uniqueness, regardless of their age, ability, ethnicity, family composition, gender, religion or cultural background.  We aim to provide a safe, caring and homelike environment where children are able to feel comfortable, to explore their independence and be stimulated by their surroundings.

We teach children that they are one amongst many in their community and that we all have the right to belong. Each child will develop their own culture and share it with others. Sharing experiences encourages every child to feel safe, respected and supported. 

Children will learn and grow through play. We know that a child will learn most effectively when they are interested, inspired, curious and supported. Our programs encourage children to discover, ask questions, think independently and creatively, and our centre will allow for child-directed learning following on their interests.

Our educators support children to find the answers they seek. A stimulating and responsive environment where PLAY is valued and positive reinforcement and encouragement make learning possible. We encourage growth in all areas of children’s development such as physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual development.

The children in our care are our partners in education and we learn together. Kids Avenue staff will be positive role models for the children when teaching values and concepts in everyday practice. We work as an effective team and share tasks, skills responsibilities, ideas and resources. We support and respect each other as individuals and establish open communication encouraging honesty, tact and sensitivity to the feelings of others. We will address all issues in a professional manner.

We encourage families to be involved in the centre’s program and festivities and to share their cultural heritage or celebrations with us at every opportunity or in whatever way they feel comfortable. We believe that diversity is acceptance of differences and respect for others regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, family composition, gender, religion or cultural background. Our everyday practices will reflect this belief.

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