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All-Inclusive Extracurricular Activities

Kids Avenue believes that children learn best through play. To this end, our educators observe the children to discover their interests and learning needs. This in turn allows the educators to plan weekly themes that are relevant to the learners and creates opportunities for them to discover more about the world around them as well as themselves. By using this Emergent Curriculum as the basis for planning learning activities, children have meaningful play-based experiences that help their holistic development.

The educators incorporate the monthly extracurricular activities with their weekly themes in order to provide meaningful opportunities for the children to develop their social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative skills. 

If, for example, the children show a deep interest in cars then the educators will plan activities that both fit the monthly extracurricular program as well as enrich their knowledge about cars. They can learn about traffic signs and read car stories for Literacy Day, discover what special vehicles different cultures use for Multicultural day (eg Filipino Jeepneys, Thai Tuktuks), and can count how many of each part a car has for Math Time (eg 4 wheels, 4 doors, 1 steering wheel). The monthly extracurricular activities are planned to be flexible enough for different themes and levels of development.

Watch your child soar socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and creatively through our all-inclusive extracurricular activities.

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Children love engaging with music and movement in early childhood education. It helps them express their feelings and emotions, learn to work in groups and develop their self-confidence and imagination. Music and movement provide children with many benefits. They help children develop skills such as cognitive growth, problem-solving, self-expression, and social development.


STEM learning stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning! On these days, the children have opportunities to understand how their themes of interest that week work and how those themes are relevant to them. The educators plan activities that immerse the children in natural sciences, technological innovations, and how they relate to the world around them.



Mad Science is a world leading science-fun provider. This class is to spark imaginative learning in children by using science to technology them about the world around us.


Each yoga and dance class is for the children to stretch, wiggle, and move. As part of the extracurricular program, the children must bring their own yoga mats. We will send the yoga mats home at the end of the day for sanitizing and storage.


Art Project days are times for the children to express their creativity through different mediums. They use their fine motor skills to shape, pinch, pull, cut, paint, and colour different materials to share their ideas. They can also learn more about colours, shapes, and the theme of the week through meaningful art activities.


For our future tiny chefs and foodies! Our kids are invited to learn, explore and fall in love with the art of cooking and baking. Pop on those chef hats, it’s time to plate up!

show & tell

On Show and Tell day, the children have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and favourite things with their friends! With some help from the educators, the children practice answering open-ended questions and learn more about each other as well as themselves.


Children love cooling off on water fun day! They splash about in a wading pool in their bathing suits pass around some beach balls.


Kids Avenue is a diverse, inclusive space filled with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. We celebrate these differences and similarities on Multicultural Days, where the children get to talk about their families and experiences. We build deeper relationships and create a friendly, welcoming environment.


Recycling Days are opportunities for the children to help Mother Nature by recycling material into craft activities or other useful objects! They work on their fine motor skills as well as their creative expression and lateral thinking to give their materials a new purpose.


"Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources, including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known."

Loris Malaguzzi

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